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  • Kelly King

Just a spoonful of...

Movement helps the to-do list get done.

Lacking the motivation to do anything - even the things you're generally excited to do?

Me, too.

I think of this phenomenon as a small type of anxiety: the notgonnastart varietal. In my mind it looks like all the things I'd planned for my day - the activities and tasks that I know if I just engage I'll find them rewarding - they are all visible, but beyond my grasp. Some measure of satisfaction and delight are on the other side of a thin veil. Like a vapor. They are there, but intangible.

Today, I decided to take my own better medicine: just dance. I turned on Jill Scott for grounding, empowerment, and pleasure vibes. She never disappoints! This is a short clip; I danced through the whole song. That's part of this particular prescription: commit to the whole song.

Music: He Loves Me by Jill Scott.

This is 100% her music. I do not own the rights or intend any copyright infringement.

After the dance, I was able to keep doing. I danced my way out of my head and into action.


It's hard, though. As I danced, I became super self-conscious. I have gained weight sitting so much the past few months; I hate it. I feel like I'm trapped in someone else's mass. And, I felt the sorrow I've been holding start to rise to the surface, ready for release. Almost. I noticed my knee is still tight - I'm healing from a small injury. I felt vulnerable, out of shape, and sad. But, I kept moving.

Eventually, my head cleared and my chest relaxed. My breath came easier and I wasn't thinking anymore. I was surprised and pleased when the song ended. I found myself on the other side of the veil; or, perhaps it melted?

I ticked two items off my list in rapid succession. And, found the motivation to come back to this blog. It's long overdue, but the break was productive. For one, I completed my graduate thesis: A Walk With Joy. I posit everyone who *thinks* they know some things should have to write a thesis. What delicious humble pie! More on that in a future missive...

I'll be expanding the blog to include categories and opportunities to engage with The Movement Movement in different ways including a monthly conversation and small group gatherings. I'm curious and excited to build some real-time community movements together.

And, I'm contemplating adding a short list of Medicines For What Ails You as a quick reference guide to help melt the veil into a stream of joyful choice-making from a few different angles.

Would this be helpful to you? Let me know.


Stuck? Grumpy?


  1. Turn on a song you like.

  2. Commit to dancing the entire song.


How do you feel? What are you noticing?

What is your priority in this moment? Get to it.

#walkwithjoy #whatmovesyou #joytender #embodiedjoy

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