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Wake Up and Dance!

The moment of inspiration to move passes quickly. I have to dive in head first, follow my initial impulse, and go for it. No edits, no judgment, just dance. I'm not warmed up, costumed (sometimes not even clothed!), or prepared. The morning dance (or wriggle) is simply an acknowledgment: I am showing up. I am here. Present, and accounted for, thank you very much!

Twyla Tharp suggests a similar habit in her new book, Keep It Moving, Lessons for the Rest of Your Life. (I highly recommend you read it - now!) A squirm or wriggle. She says,

Down and out, go to our common evolutionary beginning and squirm. A wriggling moment - squirming looks like what it sounds like - a worm moving. It is formless physical effort, the vaguest of movement inside your skin. (108)

From my morning squirm, I learn about my baseline mood. My body tells me what is tight, sore, or inflamed. Or not! Sometimes I learn how good I feel in my own body. In this weird, pandemic situation, feeling good in the morning is a gift I'll gladly receive.

Pandemic Dances: A series of dances in small spaces.

Most of these are recordings of my Wake Up and Dance habit. When self-isolation ends, I'll keep adding to the Wake Up and Dance Series.


Try It

1. Wake up

2. Bat away thoughts like, After I check my email, drink coffee, do ____.

3. Get to it. Turn on some music, maybe record yourself (maybe not). Just dance.

No space is too small. Do you even get out of bed to make this dance?


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