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On Clarity

I experience clarity in a full-bodied way. My mind clears, my breath comes easier, my body aches disappear, and I am able to see possibilities that I couldn't perceive before.

A friend and fellow #lightbringer, Shelley Adelle, suggests clarity is the result of consistent practice. Showing up for the work of growth, health, and awareness.

This week, I noticed that I am finally releasing tension I was carrying in my hands and feet. Yay!

And, I noticed when I sit for zoom meetings I am pitched forward in an effort to engage with the others in their tiny little squares. Boo! As a result, I'm straining my lower back, inflaming my hip flexors, lifting my shoulders, expanding my rib cage, and releasing my abdominal muscles from their duty to lend support. My spine is curved and my torso is bearing down on my pelvic girdle. My chin is out of alignment with my spine, adding neck and shoulder tension. You, too? Yeah.

It's time to take solid action on all this noticing re: the body and zoom!

I'm starting an anti zoom stretch class. This week is a bit of an experiment as I figure out what works. Based on feedback, it looks like 15 minutes at Noon EST on Mon/Wed and Fridays at 4:15 to chef's kiss the week goodbye.

Please join me on IG live @kellyakakk. The sessions are also on IGTV here.


Anti Zoom S T R E T C H


Noon EST

15 mins

IG Live: @kellyakakk


4:15pm EST

15 mins

IG Live: @kellyakakk


This is an offering of community care. You may support my work at



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