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Moving Dialogues

Tap into your own creativity, clarity, and happiness.

Moving Dialogues is a powerful way to come together, experience each other’s perspective, and create deeper meaning.


Zero dance experience is expected—Moving Dialogues is for everyone and every body.


Be prepared to: write, move your body, think, and play.

Who is Moving Dialogues for?
Anyone seeking authentic feedback on any topic, to create community between groups, to build teamwork, support, and empathy for any group within an organization.

Or, to create a community quickly amongst strangers, new-hires, or retreat attendees.



  • Discover greater clarity and ownership of ideas and experiences

  • Generate new ideas

  • Set goals for individuals

  • Reflection in “real time” demonstrates and punctuates the company’s commitment to feedback from the essential question


Moving Dialogues workshops started at American University's Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium in 2015. Founder Kelly King led a group of participating arts leaders to answer the question: "What makes me happy?"

Since then, Kelly has led Moving Dialogues workshops for businesses and community groups, including:


GEICO | IMF Family Foundation | German Marshall Fund | Nonprofit Wellness | US 2020 | Visit Baltimore | Office Accomplice | The Smith Center for Healing and the Arts | Goddard College | Washington Performing Arts | ReCreative Spaces | The Girl Scouts of America's Keys to Success Conference, and more. 

Contact us to schedule a workshop for your organization.

Photo by Pugs (@pugs_34) at Goddard College 2019

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