Artist Statement

I am a creator. I generate movement, dialogue, and joy.

I have high expectations. I expect you to move with me. 


Rise up and read this statement standing, swaying. 

I offer dance in theaters, schools, corporations, studios, day centers, homes, and crosswalks.


Find a taller way to move while you read. 

I am closest to my definition of the divine when I am dancing. I am free. I am pure. I am honest. 

Sneak somewhere else in the room and read this in a low level, finding stillness. 

I understand others based on their rhythms, patterns, shapes, and effort. I wonder how people experience joy if they haven’t found it coiled up within their own moving body. 

Expand as wide as you are able, and keep reading. 

We need to understand each other. We need to hear each other’s stories and empathize with each other’s experiences, including the memories we’d rather erase. 


Moving our body with purpose is our first language. The tiniest movement is often louder than the shrillest wail. 

Wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze. 

My life’s work is creating movement that speaks to the soul which empowers others to move.


What moves you?

©2020 The Movement Movement