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Moving Dialogues - snapshot from the field





The dust is settling after a few months of intense personal development, professional growth, and family challenges. I won’t go into all the gory details here. Simply put: there have been moments where I felt I was gasping for air, desperate for just one word of good news to keep me afloat. I gave up on restful sleep and focused my attention on the immediate tasks of the day.


Through it all, I have kept moving through the emotional landscape, observing my feelings, and choosing my actions rather than reacting blindly. Maybe it’s a long-term benefit of the mindfulness practice I wrote about in May?


Or, perhaps I’m adjusting to a new normal?


I hope so. Not for more drama and hardships, but for the ability to flow with my life’s currents.


In August I wrote, I am aware of my privilege and my purpose: I am built to dance. Knowing this, I work from abundance and I live in gratitude as I witness the daily transformation I see in myself and in my clients.


Now, this reads as a prediction of the depth of my current experience.


I’ve been using a method over the past few years called Moving Dialogues as a personal practice, as a public service for schools and community centers, and as a product for business clients seeking to build stronger, more authentic relationships between employees. I love taking groups through the process, witnessing their discoveries, and holding the space for them to deepen their experience.


Personally, it has helped me to understand the minefield of "hot" emotional moments, to clarify not just what I'm experiencing, but why. And, particularly these past few months, it has helped me maintain some much-needed balance between competing mind-body-spirit impulses and needs.


Curious about Moving Dialogues? You can read more about the method here. If you’re in the Washington, DC area, sign up for a free workshop I’m offering at The Atlas Intersections Festival on March 3rd, 11-12:30pm. I'd love to share Moving Dialogues with you in person!


What moves you? Seriously. What's working in your life right now? Send me a note: kelly@themovement-movement.com



Photo from Moving Dialogues: What is Success? Delivered to the DC Area OD Practitioners CoP 2/1/2018. Drawing by Lauren Green.


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