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I barely see my computer screen these days


This summer I’ve spent more time in the great outdoors than ever before! Well, except for that brief time when my family lived on a commune out in the middle of nowhere. My four year-old self certainly spent more time running around outside in those days, but, that’s a story for another day! 


As I mentioned in my previous blog, I’ve made huge lifestyle changes this summer.  I leaned into a new life in Vermont, focussed on being helpful to people in small ways, where and when they needed it.


I spent many summer days helping a new friend, Apollo, in his garden: weeding, planting, watering; and, lately, harvesting!  I mentioned him before - he’s the guy that lives off the grid and off of his own land. I’ve learned tons about gardening (like never touching cucumber plants with your hands, it kills them).  When we harvested hundreds of bulbs of garlic, we spent weeks peeling and chopping it so he could dehydrate it and make fresh garlic powder. It’s yumalicious! 


I also helped my friends Nick and Natalie. They are the artists we are currently living next door to. We raised a tipi on top of a hill and built a sweat lodge down by the river!  There were a bunch of friends helping, including a Native American man who leads ceremonies.


The tipi process included cutting and stripping the poles and the stakes, sewing the tipi cloth, and many strong hands to stand it up. Once it was up, we did a commitment ceremony in it to recognize and appreciate Nick and Natalie’s love and leadership in the community.  The other night, I spent the night in it, tending to and dancing with the fire all night. I feel so lucky to get to do things like that!




I also did more camping than I’ve ever done!  We stayed in our little pop-up camper on a couple of pieces of land that we considered buying, to really feel into the vibe of the land and the community. And, we stayed in it again at a State Park on Cape Cod, where saw the big solar eclipse.  I also camped out to attend the Women's Herbal Conference. It blew my mind, there is so much to learn. Here is one tip...if you don't do much else to nourish and balance your body, at least drink nettles tea.




I spent a couple weeks in DC too, fixing up and selling my little condo - scraping, spackling, sanding, priming, painting, and staging it.  I bought that 540 square foot place back in 2004 and struggled to pay the mortgage for years.  Then, in better financial times, I moved into a bigger house, and rented out the condo. It sold, for over the asking price, in just three days. The settlement was the other day, and now I have the money for our next home.


And, now that I have just started multiple paragraphs with “I”, alarming the writers and grammarians among you, I’ll sum up the obvious: I don’t sit much anymore. I barely see my computer screen these days. My life is full of movement, exploration, manual labor, nature and helping people.


I am happy and I am grateful. 


With love, Leslie   


P.S. If you’d like to read about how I afford this lifestyle, click here. In that blog, I make an offer for a free copy of my book (published last year) called “Deliver Workshops That Bring in Clients”. I extend that same offer to you! 


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