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The dust is settling after a few months of intense personal development, professional growth, and family challenges. I won’t go into all the gory details here. Simply put: there have been moments where I felt I was gasping for air, desperate for just one word of good n...


This summer I’ve spent more time in the great outdoors than ever before! Well, except for that brief time when my family lived on a commune out in the middle of nowhere. My four year-old self certainly spent more time running around outside in those days, but, that’s a...


I’ve been making dances since I was 15 years old. I’ve been performing professionally since I was 17. The last few years, I have certainly continued to do both; though, lately, I’ve done far less performing.

Instead, I needed to prioritize giving my time and attent...


For years, I sat too much.  I knew that sitting was bad for me - all of me: my hips, my back, my psyche, my spirit; and, of course, my mood.

I created not one, not two, but three companies that kept me glued to my seat and staring at my laptop.  Pretty much all day, eve...



The past month of life as The Movement Movement was punctuated with juicy and wild moments of abandon. I found myself moving to the rhythm of my own heart’s wishes. And, out of a deep need for some self-care, I found some meaningful, intentional movement.

I haven’...

In 2014, we started the Movement Movement to rapidly and radically appeal to people who sit all day, feel trapped by their desk and expectations of (perceived) productivity. 

Now we realize, that’s not who we are… not even a little bit. 

We are creative beings, untethere...

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